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What exactly is Balayage?

This French word is actually a hair coloring technique used to give your locks that natural sun kissed look that everyones been craving. Our Master Colorists here at Beyond Beauty are able to achieve this look by "painting" the color selected onto mapped out customized sections. This technique is the most beautiful & natural way to achieve highlites that come in shades of caramel, honey, ash, & brunette.

How much maintenance is there to expect when it comes to a Balayage?

This hair coloring technique is such a natural looking color trend, you don't even need to retouch it as often as you would a typical roots to end color. In fact skipping 1-2 hair appointments will only make it look better due to the perfect blending our stylists give from dark to light.

Who can receive a Balayage?

Anyone really! This technique is super versatile & works on all hair types & colors. There's blonde balayage which can actually range from ash blonde to honey blonde, to golden blonde to dark level 7 blonde. Then, theres the caramel chocolate balayage which is for our darker hair clients, then last but not least for the deep brunette guest we accommodate a lighter brown to lighten up the ends. Our stylist will dedicate their time to help you find the perfect tone with our "Igora Color Matching Swatch Book". So yes, to answer your question you can actually make a balayage out of any hair color.

Selena Gomez- Caramel Red Tone Balayage

Celebrity Balayage Sightings

Halle Berry- Warm Caramel Toned Balayage

Kim Kardashian - Honey Red Toned Balayage

Jennifer Aniston- Ice Toned Blonde Balayage

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