Are Extensions for Everyone?

Here at Beyond Beauty select team members are trained & certified in Hair Dreams human hair, natural-looking extensions. There rich colors, even lengths, & natural textures makes them the leading International luxury brand in professional hair lengthening & thickening systems. Read below to find out the pros & cons to instantly transforming your hair.


  • Extensions don't only add length to the hair, you can also choose to change the density and volume. This option is perfect for fine, limp, or thinning hair.

  • Turn your short bob into a mane! If your hair is longer than 3 inches you are able to put in our hair extensions. Depending on the health of the hair you can put place inches upon inches of growth.

  • You can create braided hair styles, volumous updos, or use hot tools to create a smooth & straight textured hair style or add bombshell curls.

  • You can color treat these extensions to create shades ranging from mild to wild! go crazy & add a pink hue or give yourself that icy blonde you've been looking for.


  • Hairdressers here at Beyond Beauty will educate their client on the importance of not choosing pieces heavier than your natural hair. If thick, heavy pieces are applied, they will damage & break the hair off. This is why it is so important to get the extensions placed by someone who is fully trained & certified.

  • The up keep is something to take into account when it comes to hair extensions. The typical time spent at the salon is 45 minutes to an hour every six weeks. Luckily Hair Dreams offers extensions that last up to seven months & can be reapplied, which also helps decrease cumulative costs of new hair.

  • Beware of the amazon/ebay scams trying to sell "Cheap Hair Dreams Hair Extensions". A lot of times these scam artists are selling Alpaca hair or synthetic plastic based extensions. Due to this problem Beyond Beauty takes the initiative to properly order all of the hair from our direct representatives at Hair Dreams. Here at Beyond Beauty we strive to make sure what your paying for is authentic & genuine.

  • At home care is crucial to keeping your locks fresh & supple. Use a "Loop Brush", made just for extensions, this way you won't damage the new hair or the bond. A gentle shampoo is recommended, use cold water to help eliminate tangles. sleep with the hair in a ponytail or braid, this way you will avoid bed-head & knots. Your stylist will be sure to send you home with care instructions & tips to keeping your new hair in tact.

Call or book online today to reserve your spot to take steps into thicker, longer, Lucious hair.

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