Why Aveda Hair Color?

Why Aveda hair color?

After many years of testing and trying out different color lines, we ultimately ALWAYS go back to Aveda color. But why? Our stylists are trained to keep the integrity of each client’s hair. In other words, our stylists go to great lengths to create fade-resistant color that also improves the condition of each strand. Here is a few reason why Aveda color is essential to our stylists:

#1. We see day-in and day-out many clients leery of trying hair color due to the damage that most hair dyes cause. Aveda color is 97 percent naturally derived and essentially damage free. Our clients LOVE how it leaves their hair feeling healthier and shinier than before!

#2. With the vast knowledge that our clients hold, each hair color is customized for each client. Because no two people are alike… their hair color shouldn’t be either! After each consultation, both the colorist and client decide what color will be best to suit the client and what their looking for.

Thinking about a new hair color… give us a ring! We promise you wont regret it.

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