The Health Benefits of Foot Soaks

At Beyond Beauty, we offer our clients a foot soak for their hair and spa services. Foot soaks are indeed relaxing, but there are many health benefits that they provide as well. We customize each foot soak with Epson salts as well as a couple drops of essential oils based on the season or the client. The Epson salts flush toxins, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and ease muscle cramps. Depending on the essential oil chosen, each oil reaps a ton of benefits. Lavender oil for example, is used for relaxation and sore muscles and joints. Next time you are at our salon and spa in Hyannis, let us give you a foot soak for optimal health and ultimate relaxation!

“I love giving my clients foot soaks while they wait for their hair to process. It provides so many health benefits and is an extra few minutes of relaxation that I know they love and appreciate!” –Danny Burke, Master Stylist

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