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Summer Series: Change Up Your Look

End the summer on a good note with a day of beauty with us! We have services for all of your needs. Even if you’re not starting something new such as school or a new job, Fall is the perfect time to change up your look! Changing up your look can give you a boost of confidence.

Here are some of our client's favorite services when they are looking to change up their look:

Hair Cut. A fresh haircut is a staple when it comes to ending off the summer and entering the Fall season. If you want to chop of 5 inches, or just get a trim, we’re here for it! We know the value of healthy hair.

Makeup. Our makeup artists can set you up with a new makeup routine using Jane Iredale products. These products are referred to as “the skincare makeup” because they not only act as makeup, but they are packed with good ingredients that are so beneficial for your skin. With a little lesson, you will be sent on your way with your new and natural makeup look!

Skin Care. Start the Fall season off with clear skin! The summer can take a toll on your skin with sunscreen and sun damage, and our Signature Beyond Beauty Facial will get your skin looking fresh again!

Visit us today and we can customize a day of beauty just for you! Thank you so much for tuning into our blog's "Summer Series." As we enter into the Fall season, we will still be continuing our blog posts! Stay tuned.

Best wishes,

Julianna & Debbie

Tip of the Week: Sometimes when feeling stuck, a change to your look can make a big difference in how you feel. Although a new hairstyle can't solve all of your problems, it definitely can help!


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