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Things To Do While Social Distancing

During times like these, it can be easy to fall into an anxious mindset. There are many unknown things right now which can make us feel that we don’t have control. This can be overwhelming. To overcome these overwhelming feelings, the Beyond Beauties have compiled a list of things we’ve been doing to keep our spirits up while social distancing! 1. Take an Online Fitness Class. Although the gyms are closed, we encourage you to start up an at-home workout routine! This will keep your health in check and the endorphins will put you in a good mood. There are endless at-home workouts online, just check YouTube! There are so many amazing brands and gyms that are offering virtual online classes that are free right now! Peloton has extended their 30-day trial to 90-days. The best part, you don’t even need a Peloton bike to enjoy the free membership. Peloton offers guided at-home workouts and even guided meditations to keep you on track during these times! Click here.

2. Get Outside. If possible, get outside for some fresh air. Go for a walk, sit on the beach, just enjoy being out in nature! With our hectic schedules it can be hard to find the time to be outside and enjoy nature. Now is your chance! Maybe even start your garden just in time for Spring.

3. Try Some New, Healthy Recipes. Enjoy delicious, home-made food and try your hand at some new and healthy recipes! This is the perfect time to whip up something delicious in the kitchen. The Beyond Beauties recommend “The Sprouted Kitchen” for new recipes ideas! Recipes found here. 4. Get Creative & Start Up a Hobby. Getting creative is an amazing thing to do while social distancing because it will get you off of electronics. Paint, craft, or draw! This will surely raise your spirits and may even change your perspective on the situation. This is an opportunity to turn inwards and connect with yourself!

5. Get Things Done That You’ve Been Putting Off. Our team at Beyond Beauty has been being productive while social distancing! We’ve been cleaning, redecorating, and getting organized. We encourage you to compile a list of 10 projects to complete while social distancing. This is the perfect opportunity to reset and get your life in order. Maybe a little Spring Cleaning is in your future! 6. At-Home Spa Day. We know you are all so excited to get back into Beyond Beauty and get your roots colored and eyebrows done! In the meantime, embrace the beauty of letting your natural hair down and having makeup-free skin. While social distancing, pamper yourself by taking great care of your skin, using a hair mask, or giving yourself a foot soak. For a foot soak, soak your feet in a bowl filled with water, epson salts, and essential oils! We hope this blog post gave you some ideas on how to be productive, healthy, and happy while social distancing! Don't forget to enter our contest to win a free day of beauty once social distancing is over! This includes an Aveda Facial, a 60 minute massage, and a spa manicure and pedicure.

To be entered into the contest, you need to do ONE of the following things to help support Beyond Beauty Hyannis:

1. Write a google or Facebook review

2. Like us on Facebook

3. Buy one of our new T-shirts we are selling: here

*At checkout under Salon Name type in “Beyond Beauty Hyannis”

4. Buy any Aveda products from our Website. Visit our "Shop Aveda" tab to do this!

5. Buy a gift card for a loved one, friend or yourself on our website under our "Gift card" tab! Each time you do any of the above we will place your name in a raffle and the winner will be announced every Sunday. Thank you for your support! We miss you all and can't wait to get back to doing what we love!


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