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Which Facial Should I Book For My Skin Type?

With the many skincare options that we offer here at Beyond Beauty, it can become overwhelming when it comes down to deciding which one to book. Today we are highlighting two of our most popular facial services, the Dual Exfoliation Treatment and the Dermaplaning Facial! Armed with knowledge, our goal is that you will feel confident booking the facial that will help you accomplish your skincare goals.

Dual Exfoliation Treatment

The dual exfoliation treatment is the perfect facial for those that want to combat the effects of aging. As a chemical-free option of Microdermabrasion or a Glycolic Peel, this is Aveda’s alternative. By utilizing Aveda’s refining exfoliant combined with the perfecting plant peel, clients will see diminished fine lines, brightened skin, and decreased pore size.

If you’re still confused if this is the right service for you, here’s a breakdown!

Skin Type: Aging

Results You’ll See: Diminished fine lines, brightened skin, and decreased pore size

Dermaplaning Facial

The dermaplaning facial is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and skin with rosacea. It is the ultimate smoothing, skin resurfacing facial that involves a high-quality, super fine blade that is disposable after each client. One of the best parts of this facial is the complete removal of peach fuzz, goodbye waxing and threading! This facial reveals refined pores and smooth and glowy skin.

Here’s a breakdown!

Skin Type: Sensitive

Results You’ll See: Refined pores & smooth and glowy skin

Note: For best results, book regularly every 4-6 weeks.

Alongside these two treatments, we also offer a number of other facial options including our Refresh Facial, Tulasara Facial, and a number of treatment add-ons! Visit our website to book online or give us a call at (508) 771-0888. We can’t wait to see you in the spa.

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