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Summer Series: Spray Tans & New Products

Welcome back to “Summer Series”! This week we’re talking about our favorite summer service and a new product that we have been absolutely loving lately.

Glowing skin is always in.

One of our fan favorites is our spray tan service! We love offering this service because it is the safest way to achieve a beautiful and glowy tan. This service is $40 and lasts for about a week!

Here are some tips on how to make your spray tan last longer:

1. Prepare for your session by coming in with exfoliated skin and no moisturizers or oils on your body.

2. Follow the wait time that is suggested for washing off your spray tan. Some of the tanning options have different wait times.

3. Moisturize and hydrate your skin every day once the spray tan is on.

New Product Alert

Cherry almond leave-in conditioner.

We have not been able to get enough of this stuff lately! This new leave-in conditioner not only smells amazing, but it leaves your hair feeling soft and silky. We recently stocked up so make sure to pick up your own when you’re in next!

Thank you for reading. We love sharing our favorite tips, services, and products with you each week!

Happy Summer!

Julianna & Debbie

Tip of the Week: In the mornings, the owner Debbie makes her own cucumber water which has amazing health, wellness, and beauty benefits! Some of the benefits include hydration, healthy skin, weight loss, and it’s even said to aid in the prevention of certain cancers.


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